Fantasy Island Recap 08/17/21: Season 1 Episode 2 "His and Hers; The Heartbreak Hotel" (2023)

Tonight on FOX their new reboot Fantasy Island premieres with an all-new Tuesday, August 17, 2021, episode and we have your Fantasy Island recap below. On tonight’s Fantasy Island season, 1 episode 2 called “His and Hers; The Heartbreak Hotel,”as per the FOX synopsis,“Two adventurers, whose marriage has grown stale, want to have the ultimate adventure together; after sleeping for 35 years, widower Brent must decide if he is ready to face his grief awake.

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In tonight’s Fantasy Island episode, looking for an escape? There’s a little island that caters to the individual’s every need and they only select a few guests. Their guests are those people who truly need them. Elena Roarke runs the island and she recently hired Ruby Akuda to be her second. Together they helped people find what they were truly looking for. The two of them welcomed an adventurous couple. The couple landed on the island by sky diving out of a plane and they came because they needed to spice up their relationship. Zev and Daphne came together because they both wanted to be wild. They got married on a mountain and they used to go on adventures every other week. And now things have gone stale to the point that they haven’t had sex in months.

The two arrived on the island seeking the ultimate adventure. They thought something new and exciting would reawaken their relationship, but they weren’t focusing on the right things. They argue about work. Zev thinks Daphne isn’t pushing herself enough and Daphne thinks Zev doesn’t understand the intricacies that come with being her. They were both so used to fighting that they weren’t seeing things from the other’s point of view. The island, therefore, helped them achieved what they needed the most. They were Freaky-Friday. They kissed and they changed bodies. He was her. She was him. They tried to kiss again to reverse it and it didn’t work. They then tried to be adventurous about it.

They explored what it was like in each other’s bodies. They even tried to have sex again and it was a huge failure. He realized he’s been crushing her for years with his bulk. She realized that it takes practice to get things right on the male end. It lasted a few seconds. She/he cried and only one person was happy. Daphne also realized that she’s been experiencing dull pain and so she’s taking her husband to a cardiologist the moment they get back to the mainland. They also called for Elena. They wanted to be switchback. She told them that they haven’t fully experienced each other’s lives and until they do they weren’t going to be switched back. In the meantime, Elena and Ruby had another tricky client on their hands.

They had a client whose fantasy was to sleep. Brent arrived on the island many years ago and all he wanted to do was sleep for five years because he was grieving the loss of his fiancé. He’s allowed to sleep for five years in exchange for being awake for two days every five years. Elena has tried to bring Brent around. To him, that life was worth living. Only he didn’t want to hear it. Brent likes sleeping awake his grief because it hurts too much being awake. Brent eats and he’s wasting away what little time he has awake and then he goes back to sleep. He couldn’t be moved to caring about the world. Brent came to the island thirty-five years ago and he’s never considered not going to sleep. Elena was so worried that she enlisted Ruby’s assistance.

Elena also asked Ruby to deliver Daphne a new pair of men’s clothes because she slept on the beach. Daphne and Zev got into a huge argument and Daphne slept on the beach alone. It was the first time she could do something like that without worrying someone will hurt her. As a woman, she’s never been giving that chance again and so she enjoyed it while she could. Ruby delivered some fresh clothes. She also checked in with Zev and Zev complained about the crying. He said he cries all the time. He feels nauseous. He was experiencing tenderness and so Ruby had him do a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Daphne’s body was pregnant. The couple opted not to have kids because they wanted to focus on adventures. And so the pregnancy was a surprise.

Daphne doesn’t know. She was off working out in Zev’s body and then she realized that working out was second to drinking when they don’t want to think about their marriage troubles but Daphne got drunk and she spotted the two guys that led to the argument with her husband. The argument was about their issues only it came about when Daphne saw two guys ogling her husband in her body. She got upset. She tasted what jealousy is like and so she shouted at them. This led to the fight and why she was sleeping on the beach. Daphne later the two men at the bar and she punched one. She got punched back. She got taken to the woods and dropped off and so now she has no way back to the hotel.

Zev went looking for her. He found out that she got into the fight and that she might have gotten jungle tossed and so he went looking for her. He eventually found her. He comforted her and the two talked. The weird feeling was fear. Zev feels fear around his wife because he’s constantly afraid of losing her and so Daphne comforted him. She reassured him that she loves him. She said he won’t lose her and so Zev told her about the baby. Zev was excited. He thought they could turn the study into a nursery and he was speaking about all these plans that Daphne had to stop him. She doesn’t want a baby. Daphne wants the promotion at work and she experienced what’s like to be powerful and confident. And she can’t be a boss as well as have a baby.

Zev said it will be 50/50. But it’s never 50/50. Daphne knows this and she knows that she will be forced to give up something she could never get back. Daphne does think she can have a baby. Zev feels different. Maybe its because he’s in her body but he feels life growing inside of him and it made him change his mind. Daphne and Zev want different things. They also wanted to keep each other and so they kissed and it reversed the spell. They went back into their own bodies. They also came up with a plan. Zev was going to be a stay-at-home father. He would be the anchor parent and this would allow Daphne to finally pursue her dream. And the Brent situation was also solved because Ruby convinced Elena to finally open up to him.

They both lost their fiancés. Elena pushed hers away because she didn’t think she could have him and the island and so she chose the island. Elena now believes the pain she feels is her penance. She shares that with Brent and by asking about his fiancé she was finally able to get him to open up. Brent later chose to leave the island. He was done with sleeping. He wanted to return to the real world and that’s exactly what he did. He left on the same plane as Daphne and Zev.


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