Find A Kirby Service Center (2024)

Need to find a Kirby Service Center to have your Kirby vacuum repaired? Our factory authorized service centers have qualified service personnel ready to service and repair yourKirby Home Cleaning System! Enter your city in the search bar below to locate your local Kirby Service Center letting you enjoy your Kirby system for many years to come!


Find A Kirby Service Center (1)Vacuum cleaners are an essential tool in keeping our homes clean and healthy. Whether you have pets, kids, or just a lot of foot traffic, your vacuum cleaner can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that can harm your indoor air quality. That’s why it’s essential to have your vacuum serviced regularly.

One of the essential reasons to have your vacuum serviced regularly is to ensure that it’s functioning at its highest capacity. A vacuum cleaner’s primary function is to suck up dirt and debris from your floors and furniture. Over time, the suction power of your vacuum can weaken. This can be due to a clogged filter, a worn-out brush roll, or a slew of other parts that need replacing. Regular vacuum repairs and maintenance can keep your vacuum working at its full potential and prevent a costly breakdown.


Buying once, buy right. This simple phrase highlights the importance of investing in high-quality products that arebuilt to last. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, buying areliable and durable productcan save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements and repairs.

Kirby vacuums are the best in the business when it comes to deep cleaning. They’re designed to provide the strongest suction possible, removing more dirt, dust, and debris from your carpets and upholstery than other vacuums. Kirby’s powerful suction means that they can clean deep into the fibers of your carpets. Its powerful suction removes pet hair, allergens, and other particles that can cause lingering odors and dingy carpets.

Another benefit of having your Kirby vacuum serviced is that it can improve the air quality in your home. As your vacuum sucks up dirt and dust, it can become trapped in the filter or other parts of the vacuum. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of bacteria, allergens, and other harmful particles. Regular vacuum maintenance and cleaning can prevent this buildup and keep your indoor air quality clean and healthy.


Built to last, the Kirby vacuum is designed with heavy-duty components and are made to withstand years of use. That doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Regular wear and tear can take a toll on even the sturdiest vacuum cleaners. By having your Kirby vacuum serviced by an independent distributor or through the Kirby rebuild program, you’re ensuring that your vacuum continues to perform at its best and lasts for years to come.

Finding a service center for Kirby vacuums is easy and convenient. Kirby has a network of independent distributors across the country who are authorized to service and repair Kirby vacuums. These distributors have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix any issues with your Kirby vacuum, ensuring that it is working at its best. With a service center located conveniently nearby, you can rest assured that your Kirby vacuum will receive the expert care it needs to provide you with the powerful and deep cleaning performance that Kirby vacuums are known for.

However, even the most reliable and powerful vacuum cleaner needs maintenance and repairs from time to time. That’s why Kirby offers arebuild program, which is a comprehensive service that includes a complete cleaning, polishing, and overhaul of your Kirby vacuum. The service also includes the replacement of any worn or damaged parts as well.

Find A Kirby Service Center (3)THE KIRBY REBUILD PROGRAM

As a registered Kirby owner, the Kirby rebuild program is available for all Kirby vacuum models, regardless of age or condition. This means that even if you have anolder Kirby vacuum, the rebuild program can bring it back to life and restore it to like-new condition. Having your Kirby vacuum serviced through an independent distributor or Kirby rebuild program, you’re making an investment in your vacuum’s longevity and performance.


Having your vacuum serviced regularly is essential to ensure that it’s working at its full potential and to extend its lifespan. When it comes to American-made, heavy-duty, powerful vacuums, Kirby is the best choice. With its strong suction power,deep cleaning capabilities, and comprehensive rebuild program, Your Kirby vacuum will run forever and when it comes toAmerican-made, heavy-duty, powerful vacuums, there’s no better choice thanthe Kirby.


If you’re a loyal Kirby owner looking to have your machine tuned by our team of experts, click on the link below!

Rebuild Program

Find A Kirby Service Center (2024)
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