How Sitting on a Gaming Chair Tragically Killed a 14-Year-Old (2024)

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Excitedly jumping onto your gaming chair for the newest AAA release, or dropping yourself down like a sack of flour for another grueling workday? Sitting in an office chair doesn’t seem like a dangerous thing to do, but several cases in China were reported over the years where office chairs can explode! But is this just an urban myth? Can chairs really explode? Do office chair explosions cause damage? Let’s get into it.

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[Victim: 14-year old Boy]

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You know, the feeling, you’ve come home from work or school.

And you just wanna sit down.

You slip off your shoes at the front door, drop your bag off on the couch, and stroll over to your desk.

There’s, a new Youtube video that dropped today from your favourite creator, and you’re excited to watch it.

You roll your chair over to the desk, and plop down on the seat.

In, an instant, you’re thrown across the room.


You finally, come to.

All you can remember is a loud bang, rocketing through your bedroom.

You drag your hands across your body to see if you’re okay, when you feel a hot stickiness., You close your eyes, hoping it won’t be what you think it is.

But when you bring your hands up in front of you to look, their crimson, sheen, betrays, your injury.

Next thing, you know, you’re in the emergency room, and surgeons are busy pulling chips, shards, and metal scrap from your abdomen.

How could sitting in an office chair go.

So very very wrong? What makes an office chair.

Go boom?.

Let’s get into it! Today’s.

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In 2013, university student, Mr, Liu returned to his apartment.

He shared with his older sister.

After, a long day at school.

He laid back on his bed to rest while his sister, Ms Liu, who had just gotten out of the shower, sat down at her desk to twiddle around on the internet, while blow-drying her hair.

Then, with no warning, a sharp bang, ripped through the room, and a powerful surge of air followed, throwing the room into disarray.

In, the aftermath, Mr Liu, still reeling from the sudden pressure change, looked around their ransacked room to see his sister, laying still on the floor, her body thrown like a dead thing against the side of their bed.

She was still conscious, but just barely, and passed out moments, later.

With, his sister’s blood, pooling on the floor around him, Mr Liu called the paramedics, and shortly after.

She was hoisted into an ambulance, speeding off to the emergency.


Medical teams got to work on her double-time, and told her family that she’d been injured by an explosion.

Her anus had been split open, punctured by fragments of metal, and her genitals had likewise been perforated by shrapnel and debris.

Ms Liu was wheeled into surgery.

Not long after getting to the hospital, where surgeons and nurses worked to remove the detritus that had been rocketed into her nether, regions.

After, a gruelling 5, hours, doctors, finally, stitched up her wounds.

But her journey wasn’t done yet.

It would take yet.

Another 6 months for her injuries to fully heal.

Looking back at the scene in the siblings’, tiny apartment.

It was clear where the explosion had originated., The, small, blue, rotating, gas, spring.

Operated stool was to blame.

The force of the explosion split.

The foam seat into 4 discrete pieces, and the wooden mount showed a nasty hole where a metal rod had rocketed up through it into Ms Liu.

Inside, the room, the sibling’s computer had been bombed out by the shockwave, and parts of the plastic casing had melted.

Lucky for his sister, the steel rod in the centre of the stool didn’t pierce into her body.


It had, her injuries would have been much, much worse.

After, interviewing neighbours, journalists found that the sound of the blast could be heard from as far away as 200 metres.

Some thought that it was so loud.

It had to be a gas pipe explosion and called the fire department.


How could a simple stool explode like that? And should I be worried about my rotund tushy in my office, chair? The.

First step to figuring out the truth behind this phenomenon is to learn how office chairs work.


Basically, chairs are medium sized objects that support our weight that we can use to— So.

My producers tell me that I don’t need to explain to you how chairs work, but office chairs do have one little mechanism that, quite literally, raises the bar.

It’s called a gas spring.

And it’s technology that lets these chairs, adjust their height.

It’s similar to a bike pump, in that.

It has a metal cylinder with an airtight piston.

Mounted on a rod, inside.

In, a pump.

The piston is attached to a handle that you pump up and down.

The piston moves inside the cylinder, sucking in air before compressing it through a valve and into whatever you’re inflating.

Your, tires, your sports, balls, and whatnot.

In, a gas spring.

The piston is attached to the bottom of your seat.

And the entire cylinder is pressurised with nitrogen gas and oil.

The nitrogen is pressurised.

So it exerts upward force on the piston, which holds your seat at the topmost position.

The, nitrogen provides the force, and the oil lubricates, ensuring the chair works.


Also, since gas.

Springs are holding pressurized gas.

They have to be made of metal that can handle the force.

Gas springs.

Occasionally have holes in the piston that allows gas to move from one side of the piston to the other.

This might make you think that the piston isn’t actually compressing the gas, but remember, the cylinder that contains the piston is gas tight.

So when the piston is depressed, the rod itself takes up space that compresses.

The air.

There are multiple reasons for the holes in the piston.

One is so oil or other lubricant can move from one side of the piston to the other.


There were no paths from each side of the airtight seal.

Then the piston would dry out eventually.

With, a gas, spring, pressure can equalize on each side of the piston because of the holes, and the upward force is generated by the higher surface area on the inside.


All my math nerds out there, the equation for this is:, Force equals pressure multiplied by area.


The inside of the piston has a higher surface area than the outside, which has some space taken up by the rod that attaches to your seat.

A higher force is exerted on the inside pushing your seat.


Another reason is that these holes improve the smoothness of the spring’s action.

Without, the equalising pressure, the piston would shoot upward erratically.

As opposed to the smooth rise.

We’re used to.

This is similar to why we don’t use regular metal springs in office.


Metal, springs can hold a lot of energy, but they release that energy all at once, which could, oh, I.

Don’t know, explode, maybe.

So, conceptually, the gas springs in our office.

Chairs are meant to contain pressurised gases.

Which, if released in an uncontrolled manner, would violently explode.

But our chairs are built specifically to contain that pressure and control it.

So, what’s going wrong when office chairs, explode? To find out why this happens, it helps to look at other examples to see if there are any similarities.

For that we can turn to these cases., January 14th 2009, a 14 year old teenager called only Xiao Gang to protect his identity, was injured by an exploding office chair while home alone.

The boy, went to his computer to go on the internet like so many young folks, when the chair below him, erupted, driving a steel rod into his abdomen., As, his blood pooled on the floor around him.

He dragged himself to a phone and called his father who contacted medical authorities.


They finally arrived, Xiao Gang was looking very pale from blood loss.

But was still conscious enough to speak.

Xiao Gang was taken to the Jiaozhou City Centre Hospital, where doctors worked to save the boy’s life.

He was bleeding internally, haemorrhaging blood, after the rod that had been embedded inside him had damaged blood vessels around his wounds., Tragically, doctors, weren’t able to get a handle on the boy’s blood.

Loss, and within an hour of arriving at the hospital, he had passed away.

His, father said, after that, he “never thought that a child just sitting on a chair could have any type of accident”.

And that “This type of pressurised cartridge.

Going out of control is definitely a quality.

Issue” Another case from November 2007, out of Yantai City describes how a 68 year old man was taken to the hospital after his rotating chair.


He was taken to the hospital in shock.

And similarly, suffering from blood loss like Xiao, Gang.

He had serious rectal injuries, including a rupture in his small intestine.

Some of the damaged tissue had tears as wide as 5 centimetres.


The time his surgery was over, medical teams, pulled more than 20 fragments of metal from his body, as well as chunks of wood and foam.

Not only that.

But the steel rod from the gas spring had been driven into him as well, and had to be removed.


A doctor present said that the rod had been shot into the man from the blunt side.

And the explosion had to be powerful enough to sever it from its mechanism.



The explosion had to be giant.

The phenomenon of office chair.

Explosions seems to be certainly real.

But why do all these stories seem to come from China? Also, noticeably, within China, the distribution of incidents seem to correlate by distribution of population.

Which is only interesting insofar as it’s totally normal.

This is likely a pure luck.

Situation, not something localised, like lower standards in a particular factory, or some regional standards, having lower oversight.

With this in mind.

We can turn to news reports from Ms Liu’s case that note price discrepancies between office chair costs depending on modes of production.

Basically, how raw materials—metals, etc are crafted into modules—springs, rods, etc, which are then constructed into components—gas springs, which are then assembled into office chairs.

In, the report on Ms Liu and her brother.

We learn that when office chair components are assembled in Guangdong then imported to Xiamen for packaging and assembly.

The chairs are trademarked with company contract details, which guarantee standard safety requirements, and priced accordingly around 40-50, US, dollars., However when modules like springs and metal rods are imported to Xiamen.

Instead of purchased from a supplier, and then constructed, the same safety standards can be avoided.

And the price lowered, to something in the ballpark of only 20 dollars US.


A chair company can buy already constructed gas springs from a factory for a higher price, or they can buy the parts to make the gas springs, build it themselves, and save a buck.

The problem is.

They’re not held to the same standards as the factory that sells the springs wholesale.


It could be good, could be bad.

It’s an odds game.

It’s, a little bit like getting news from Tiktok.

The question remains though.

What is behind this string of office chair? Explosions?, “Seeking, Truth”, a Mythbusters style, television show from China tested.

This exact scenario for us.

The showrunners took three different chairs and dropped heavy sandbags on them to see how they could withstand the impact.


First chair was from a reliable and well known retailer, with info about the manufacturer and certification guaranteeing safety.



Second was purchased second hand, and had some visible damage on the column that has the gas spring.


Third was bought from what the hosts call the “third market” in China.

Basically, the black market, out of the eye of the government.


The test, the well-made chair fared, well., The seat, which isn’t attached.

But sitting on top of the base, fell off.

And all of the components showed very little damage.

If any.

The secondhand chair did less well than the first.

When, the sandbags landed on the seat.

It exploded into a flurry of metal and plastic.

You can see that there is a hole burst through the middle of the seat.

And the metal piece that mounts the height controls has been violently.

Bent., The, black market chair handled the weight, the worst.

When, the sandbag hit the seat.

Not only did the chair explode, but it erupted into flames.


The whole chair alight., It’s, nice to see that when these chairs are built properly, they can withstand a certain amount of force, but we still don’t know, why., Seeking Truth spoke to Guo Liang.

A researcher with the Chinese Academy of Science, Mechanics Research Institute, who told the hosts that there are two main reasons why these chairs can explode.


First reason we witnessed in the experiment with the secondhand chair.

He tells us that if the gas spring has a crack or some other damage, it can no longer contain the pressures required to operate.

And when weight is dropped on the seat, that pressure, escapes violently.

AKA, an explosion.

It’s like sitting on a blown up, balloon., There’s, a pressure inside.

As as you add weight to it, those pressures increase until the latex of the balloon can no longer hold it.

Back., If.

You jump on top of a balloon, it’ll pop even harder.


Second reason explains the fiery explosion of the third chair.

Liang tells Seeking Truth that many under-the-table products use cheaper gases like regular air.

Instead of non-flammable gases like nitrogen.


You might think “Wait, air isn’t flammable!”, which you’d be mostly right.

However, on a chemical level.

Oxygen is one of the core ingredients of fire.

Combustion is defined as the combination of oxygen with another substance that generates heat and light.

On, a similar note, the higher the pressure, the faster and hotter a fire will burn.


If the manufacturer puts an even more flammable gas into their spring than regular air, you can see much, much, larger reactions., On, top of that, when pressures rise.

So too does temperature.

Seeking Truth even tested this by raising and lowering a chair’s seat for 20 minutes.

And then taking the temperature of the gas spring.

They measured a rise to 45 degrees celsius.

But thankfully, there were no sign of any explosions or fires of any kind.

Probably because the chair they used was the most expensive.

They could find and likely used the proper nitrogen in the spring.

In short, all office chairs use gas springs, which contain pressurized gas, which if the casing is damaged, can violently depressurize triggering an explosion.

Not, just that.

But if the manufacturer uses oxygen in the spring itself, then that compressed gas can also combust, adding fire to an otherwise already terrible, situation., Office chairs, aren’t, the only appliances around our homes that use pressure for our needs.


This very moment, you may be relying on hot water under pressure in a water heater for showering and washing your dishes.

And clothes.

You may have used a pressure cooker, or an instant pot, that uses steam to build pressure inside of an airtight.


You might have also seen automatic door, closers in schools and public buildings that use pressure to shut themselves.

But, much like office chairs, when the mechanics are damaged, they can fail to catastrophic effect.


We can take away from this is that power, in almost all forms, is dangerous if uncontained.

But when harnessed properly, it can make our lives orders of magnitude.


Office chairs use the power of pressure to make it easier for us to get comfortable.

But when the mechanism that we use to contain that power is damaged, or made incorrectly, then disaster can follow.

So yes.

There have been incidents of office chair explosions.

But most of us aren’t even going to be able to buy a chair of such low quality that this is an issue.

Like Seeking Truth told us, the chair that failed.

Most horrifically had no safety standards, whatsoever, and no manufacturer label to hold them.


As long as we buy office chairs from reliable suppliers and other major retailers.

Then we’ll be perfectly fine.


You want to check any chairs that you have around you.

You can find a label, usually under the seat, that identifies that it is up to the regulatory standards in your country.

If, the label isn’t there.

And you weren’t the one to remove it.

It could be a sign.

Your chair isn’t up to code.

If, you’ve been using a chair for more than 3 years, double check the mechanism to make sure there isn’t wear and tear, and consider getting a new one.

If you have the money.

It should also be said that office chairs have weight, limits, and exceeding that limit can lead to disastrous ends.


Even if you don’t exceed, the weight limit, as a chair ages, the weight that your chair can handle will be reduced.


The end, if you just check your office chair for damage and replace them when you can, then you can make sure you’ll always chair well., Get, it?, Like, “fare, well”, it’s—.

Oh, there’s the end card there.

It is.

It’s, over., Remember, click, our link in the description and play Crossout for free on PC, XBOX, Series, X and S, and PS5 and get your exclusive bonuses—, special parts and paint now! See.

You out in battle!.

How Sitting on a Gaming Chair Tragically Killed a 14-Year-Old (2024)


How Sitting on a Gaming Chair Tragically Killed a 14-Year-Old? ›

Mr. Lin's back and arms were injured and an 150mm long steel rod was ejected and hit the ceiling. On 14th January 2009, in Jiaozuo, Shandong province, a 14 year old boy was killed by his exploding chair. Doctors told the media that similar explosions had happened on 3 occasions in that month.

Was a boy 14 from Jiaozhou Shandong China was killed when the pneumatic cylinder in his office chair exploded? ›

Mr. Lin's back and arms were injured and an 150mm long steel rod was ejected and hit the ceiling. On 14th January 2009, in Jiaozuo, Shandong province, a 14 year old boy was killed by his exploding chair. Doctors told the media that similar explosions had happened on 3 occasions in that month.

Do gaming chairs hurt your neck? ›

A well-built gaming chair supports your lower and upper back, shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hips. A good gaming chair helps to maintain the correct posture. When your head is correctly positioned, the strain is taken off your neck. Also, properly aligned spine reduces the back pain.

How much weight can a game chair hold? ›

How much weight can gaming chairs hold? A standard gaming or office chair can typically hold around 250 lbs. However, specially-designed chairs for heavier users can hold significantly more than that. These type of chairs will hold around 300-400 lbs on average, with some even able to hold as much 800lbs.

Are gaming chairs good for kids? ›

A gaming chair is a great addition to your kid's gaming or desk setup. Compared with standard desk chairs, gaming chairs offer more cushioning and lumbar support. This makes them not only a solid option for gaming, but also for studying or doing homework.

Why is there a pillow on gaming chair? ›

Almost all gaming chairs feature an external neck pillow that supports your neck, especially in the reclined position. This relaxes your shoulders and upper back. The neck pillow on gaming chairs fits perfectly in the curvature of your cervical spine because all of them are height adjustable.

Does gaming ruin posture? ›

The simple answer is yes… Research shows that as little as 5 minutes of gaming can lead to poor posture – slouching into a rolled and rounded shoulder position with a forward head position to keep your eyes on the screen.

Are gaming chairs worse than office chairs? ›

If you work from home sitting at your desk all day long, a high-quality office chair is going to be more supportive than a gaming chair. Why? Because gaming chairs (typically) provide enough comfort for a few hours at a time and tend to lack the ergonomic support of a well-designed office chair.

Am I too tall for my gaming chair? ›

It can be a challenging task to buy a gaming chair for a tall person. On average, the gaming chairs in the market are usually an ideal option for average height (5'8") users.

How heavy is too heavy for a chair? ›

Generally, a standard chair is made to support up to 250 pounds.

Can you rock in a gaming chair? ›

Some Gaming Chairs Allow You to Rock While Sitting

Some gaming chairs allow you to rock back and forth while sitting. Office chairs can also have this function, but the movement is not as smooth.

What age do kids stop using high chairs? ›

Kiddos develop at their own pace, but most toddlers are ready to transition out of high chairs between 12 months and 2 years of age. Often by about 18 months, most babies are capable of sitting independently in a regular child-sized chair.

What age do kids use high chairs? ›

Using a High Chair: This usually happens around 6 months.

It's time to get a high chair when baby is sitting up on their own and starting solids, which typically happens around 6 months.

How long can a gaming chair last? ›

In general, a gaming chair should last 2 years at least. That being said, most people should be able to keep their chair for 3 to 5 years easily. However, many factors can extend or shorten their lifespan: the build quality, the usage, and how much the user takes care of his chair.

Why do gaming chairs have holes? ›

Background Of Holes In Gaming Chairs

Further, race seats are built to have a motorist firmly seated in their position throughout, including on sharp bends or when highly speeding. Therefore, most racing chairs or gamer's chairs have holes carved through them to enable the insertion of 5 or 7 point harnesses.

Why do gaming chairs have wings? ›

The backrests of most gaming chairs have "wings" that are simply decorative, styled after those on race car seats that keep the driver in place when he swirls left and right.

Do gaming chairs crack? ›

Regular cleaning and drying of the chair can help prevent cracking and mould. Use a soft cloth to wipe the chair regularly and be sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards. This will help remove any excess moisture that may have accumulated on the surface.

Do you lose fat while gaming? ›

Playing active video games instead of watching TV or playing traditional video games has been shown to increase the number of calories you burn. More calories burned and fewer calories consumed is the secret to an effective weight loss plan.

Is it unhealthy to be a gamer? ›

Studies show that excessive gaming can lead to poor emotional regulation. Poor emotional regulation contributes to mood problems such as anxiety, depression, and aggression.

Are gamers out of shape? ›

Video game players are NOT typically obese, but are healthier and in better shape than the general public, esports study reveals. Esports players might be viewed as individuals who sit around, eat junk food and guzzle down sugary drinks, but a new study finds these gamers are just the opposite.

What is a waterfall seat? ›

Waterfall seat design features involve foam that molds to a person with a rounded front on the seat pan. This type of seating slopes downward to take away tension from the back of the thighs to offer increased support and comfort.

How much is too much for a gaming chair? ›

There is no limit to how much you can spend on one. We believe that beginners or people on a budget should spend between $100 to $200 on their gaming chairs. Higher-end models would generally cost you around $250 to $400.

Do gaming chairs look unprofessional? ›

The short answer is yes. While there are some professional-looking gaming chairs, for the most part gaming chairs are viewed as unprofessional due to their vibrant and often branded designs.

How do gamers sit? ›

Positioning the TV or monitor about 2 feet away from the eyes with the middle of the screen at eye level. This way, they can see without straining or having to tilt the head or neck. Sitting up straight with the shoulders pushed back and down in a natural and comfortable posture (as opposed to slouching forward).

How high can a chair be? ›

The seat of a Standard height chair will be at about 18 to 22 inches from the ground, its matching standard dining table height standing at 28 to 32 inches.

How high should I sit gaming? ›

What is the ideal height for a gaming desk? The ideal gaming height desk is between 28'' and 30''. This height is from the floor to the top of the desk. The standard desk height is for those people who have a height between 5'8'' and 5'10''.

How much weight can a school chair hold? ›

Depending on its size & manufacturing material, a school chair can withstand a weight of 250 pounds up to 800 pounds.

How heavy is a plastic chair? ›

Regular Plastic Armrest Chair, Weight: 2.25 kg.

Is my chair too high? ›

The correct chair height is when both your feet (with shoes), are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly lower than the level of your hips. By sitting with your knees below the level of your hips you reduce the rotation of the pelvis which in turn reduces the pressure in the lumbar discs.

How safe are gaming chairs? ›

The short answer is “yes“, gaming chairs are in fact good for your back, especially relative to cheaper office or task chairs. Common design choices in gaming chairs such as a high backrest and neck pillow are all conducive to providing maximum support for your back while encouraging good posture.

Why does my gaming chair hurt my back? ›

Poor Lumbar Support

The reason is that gaming chairs do not have any lumbar support built into the backrest. This goes back to the low-end build quality. Using a flat backrest and avoiding any mechanical systems with a built-in lumbar support system is a way to really cut down on costs.

How much does a 2 year old weigh? ›

Wondering how much should a 2-year-old weigh? Average weight for a 24-month-old is 26.5 pounds for girls and 27.5 pounds for boys, according to the World Health Organization. How tall is the average 2-year-old? Average height for a 24-month-old baby is 33.5 inches for girls and 34.2 inches for boys.

Are there any potential dangers for children for a high chair? ›

Falls from high chairs can be dangerous because high chairs are usually used in kitchens and dining areas which often have hard flooring such as tile or wood. If a child falls head first onto these hard surfaces, serious injuries can occur.

Why does my child hate the high chair? ›

Reasons Why Baby Suddenly Hates High Chair

They're bored. They're not hungry enough. They have associated being in the highchair with being alone. There is a lack of a mealtime routine.

What comes after high chair? ›

Children can safely transition to a booster seat once they are consistently sitting up and supporting their body weight on their own – typically between 9 and 12 months. However, the fact that Baby is physically capable of sitting in a booster seat doesn't necessarily mean it's time to put the high chair in storage.

How is a high chair used? ›

A high chair is a piece of furniture used for feeding older babies and younger toddlers. The seat is raised a fair distance from the ground, so that a person of adult height may spoon-feed the child comfortably from a standing position (hence the name). It often has a wide base to increase stability.

Is high chair useful? ›

Do babies really need high chairs? Not necessarily. There are alternative ways to establish a safe eating environment for babies; however, a high chair with a totally upright seat and adjustable footplate is often the easiest way to make sure baby is in the proper and safe position for eating.

Are gaming chairs better than regular chairs? ›

If you're strictly buying your chair for looks over functionality, then gaming chair is the way to go. If you're looking for a comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic chair with support to sit in, then I would recommend going with a standard office chair.

Are gaming chairs not comfortable? ›

Ergonomic Is Just a Buzzword

Gaming chairs typically have no lumbar support due to their straight-back designs, which don't reflect the natural way you sit. Gaming chairs also tend to have "bucket seats" and uncomfortable head support, which is not ideal if you spend a lot of time sitting down during the day.

Should I replace my gaming chair? ›

Some chair materials tend to flatten or wear off after time, and once the foam has taken a permanent shape different than the original form, it's time to part ways and pick a new one. Sitting for prolonged periods can damage your body. If your extended sitting hours come with widespread pain, it's time for a change.

Is it OK to use a gaming chair for work? ›

Adjustability, ergonomics, aesthetics, deep recline--these are more than enough reasons to say that yes, a gaming chair will definitely make a good office chair.

Are gamer chairs bad? ›

Gaming chairs typically have no lumbar support due to their straight-back designs, which don't reflect the natural way you sit. Gaming chairs also tend to have "bucket seats" and uncomfortable head support, which is not ideal if you spend a lot of time sitting down during the day.

Should I use the neck pillow on my gaming chair? ›

Answer: Neck or lumbar supporting pillows are common in gaming seats. These have cushions because they improve your sitting by keeping you in the proper position. The spinal cushion helps support your lower spine when you lean towards the backrest, while the head or cervical pillow keeps your head in the best posture.

Am I too heavy for my gaming chair? ›

Gaming chairs typically feature a recommended weight limit of 250 to 300 pounds. If you regularly exceed this weight limit, the overall lifespan of your chair could be impacted, and the same goes for your postural health.

Why does my neck hurt? ›

Neck pain may be caused by arthritis, disc degeneration, narrowing of the spinal canal, muscle inflammation, strain or trauma. In rare cases, it may be a sign of cancer or meningitis.

How can I make my neck pain free? ›

The following six tips can help you find neck pain relief:
  1. Don't stay in one position for too long. It's hard to reverse bad posture, Dr. ...
  2. Make some ergonomic adjustments. ...
  3. If you wear glasses, keep your prescription up to date. ...
  4. Don't use too many pillows. ...
  5. Know your limits. ...
  6. Get a good night's sleep.
Sep 25, 2019

How do you fix neck pain ASAP? ›

Hot and cold therapy. Using ice packs or heating pads can help relieve neck pain fast. Ice reduces inflammation, while heat relaxes stiff muscles. For best results, you may alternate the two for about 20 minutes several times a day.

How long should a gaming chair last? ›

In general, a gaming chair should last 2 years at least. That being said, most people should be able to keep their chair for 3 to 5 years easily. However, many factors can extend or shorten their lifespan: the build quality, the usage, and how much the user takes care of his chair.

What is the best gaming chair position? ›

With your hips tucked in deep into the seat, keep your back erect using the seat's back for the best gaming posture. Ensure that the lumbar support is resting with the right amount of pressure into your lower back. Adjust the seat recline in such a way that it provides firm support to your back.

What is the best height for a gaming chair? ›

Recommendation: Height at which the HIPS and KNEES to be roughly the same level AND for the feet to be supported (flat on the floor or on a footrest). Setting your chair up for your thigh to be parallel to the ground reduces excessive pressure under the thigh that may prevent blood flow.

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