QR Code Tattoo Is the Future of Body Art — QRCodeChimp (2024)

Just when everyone thought the applications of QR codes couldn’t go any further, a new trend flooded the world. The QR code tattoo.

QR code art isn’t new. We’ve seen QR codes being incorporated into paintings and other forms of design. But using QR codes in body art is new, and this trend is gaining more popularity than anyone ever expected.

Let’s discuss what QR code tattoos are, tips for getting one, and what to do if you’re a tattoo artist.

What is a QR code tattoo?

A QR code tattoo, as the name suggests, is a type of tattoo incorporating a scannable QR code. Pay close attention to “scannable” here, as the QR code in the tattoo must be scannable by a QR code reader app.

Why is scannability important?

A QR code that doesn’t scan is like a pen that doesn’t write or a bird that doesn’t fly.

When the tattoo in your QR code doesn’t scan, it’s like any other tattoo. It’s a piece of body art serving an aesthetic purpose only.

But when it scans, it becomes a bridge between the physical and digital realms. Your body becomes a gateway to the digital world. You can send people to your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, website, images, and videos — the possibilities are endless.

And if you’re a tattoo artist, you’ve got many design ideas to offer to your clients. Since many people are interested in getting a QR code tattoo, you can leverage this trend and grow your tattoo business.

Dynamic QR code tattoo: Fix your tattoo mistakes

Do you know that three out of four people suffer from tattoo regret?

Advanced Dermatology surveyed 600 people with one or more tattoos and found that 78% of them regret at least one of their tattoos.

Though you can’t change a QR code tattoo after getting it, you can definitely change where it points to if the QR code is dynamic.

Let’s say you got a QR code tattoo and linked it to your COVID-19 vaccination certification.

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But COVID is gone; now what?

If you get a static QR code tattoo, it’ll point to your COVID-19 certification for the rest of your life.

But when you get a dynamic QR code tattoo, you change its destination infinite times. For instance, it can initially point to your COVID vaccination certification, then to your Instagram, then to your digital business card, and so on.

You can use the same QR code tattoo to share different information depending on what’s going on in your life and what you want to share with people.

Hence, if you get a QR code tattoo, always get a dynamic QR code tattoo.

Some tips on getting a QR code tattoo

Here are some things to consider when getting a QR code tattoo.

Get a dynamic QR code tattoo

It’s worth restating that the QR code in your tattoo should be dynamic. You’ll be able to change the contents of the QR code and update it as needed.

Keep the size in mind

The design is crucial for all types of tattoos, and QR code tattoos are no different. But with a QR code tattoo, you must also consider the scannability and aesthetics.

As per QR code printing guidelines, a QR code should be at least 1 x 1 inch. So, the QR code in your tattoo should be at least that size. However, it shouldn’t be too large either because the scanner won’t be able to capture the entire QR code.

The QR code size-to-distance ratio is a helpful parameter for deciding the printing size of the QR code. The ideal size-to-distance ratio is 1:10, which means the QR code size should be one-tenth the scanning distance.

Choose the right tattoo location

The tattoo location is another crucial consideration before getting a tattoo. Again, this step is not limited to QR code tattoos and applies to all tattoo types.

However, since you’d want people to scan the QR code tattoo, you should pick a more accessible location, such as arms and fists.

Think about where the QR code points

Lastly, consider the content of your QR code tattoo. A tattoo is special, so what people see after scanning it should also be special (at least to you). Hence, give some thought to the information you share with your QR code.

QR code tattoo designing for tattoo artists

Since QR code tattoos are gaining popularity, tattoo artists who can design amazing QR code tattoos are also in high demand.

However, creating a QR code tattoo is different from other tattoos. You need to create a QR code tattoo that scans. This means every part of the QR code — eyes, pixels, spacing, etc. — needs to be precise.

This might require you to sharpen your axe by upgrading your equipment and other things.

Best practices to follow for tattoo artists

These best practices will help tattoo artists create perfect QR code tattoos.

Choose the right QR code generator

Selecting the right QR code generator is vital. Pick a QR code platform that lets you create dynamic QR codes, offers many customization options, and enables you to seamlessly manage your QR codes.

QRCodeChimp is the perfect QR code solution for tattoo artists. The 60+ QR shapes, converting an image/logo to a QR code, and other design options offer you a plethora of tattoo design opportunities. You also get top-notch management features like folders and subaccounts to manage your clients’ QR code tattoos.

Select a suitable printing method

Since the QR code in the tattoo should be both stunning and scannable, the tattooing method plays an essential role.

There are two known ways to do a QR code tattoo.

The first way is to manually draw the QR code. This requires a lot of precision.

A QR code is a collection of dots, so if a dot goes here or there, the QR code may not scan properly. If you manually draw a QR code, pay close attention to the eyes. A scanner detects these eyes to scan a QR code, so scanning problems could arise if you don’t do the eyes properly.

The second way is to use a QR code sticker to imprint a temporary tattoo on the skin. Then, you can overwrite it with permanent tattoo ink.

Get creative with the QR code tattoo design

QR code tattoos look great but don’t limit your tattoo designs to just QR codes. Turn your creative switch on and make the QR code tattoos more appealing by adding design elements.

Look at the below QR code tattoos.

Get the point, right?

Keep adapting

Lastly, stay updated with the market trends and keep adapting. The tattoo market is dynamic, with trends coming and going rapidly. QR codes, quotes in other languages, animals, and weapons are some currently trending tattoo ideas. Some new trends may emerge in the future, and you’ll need to adapt accordingly.

Final thoughts

QR codes have emerged as a unique and exciting tattoo trend, and many youngsters are hopping on it. If you’re planning to get a QR code tattoo, make sure to get a dynamic QR code and redirect people to meaningful destinations.

For tattoo artists, it’s time to prepare for this booming trend by upgrading your equipment and tattooing methods.

QRCodeChimp can make QR code tattooing easier by helping you generate beautiful dynamic QR codes. Sign up for QRCodeChimp today to get started.

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QR Code Tattoo Is the Future of Body Art — QRCodeChimp (2024)
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